Umed Laghari

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Umed Laghari is a devoted family man married to his loving wife Amber for 28 years. Together they have two sons in their mid-twenties they are very proud of.

After moving to United States from United Kingdom some 20 years ago he always believed in entrepreneurship and worked hard towards American dream and run variety of successful businesses such as Gas Station, Liquor Store, Bar, Car Sales, Mechanic Shop, Restaurant and Coffee Shop in Louisiana and Washington, some of which he is still owner. The experience and knowledge gained from decade of entrepreneurship has allowed him to gain wealth of knowledge that can be leveraged by both buyers and sellers alike.

Whatever your business needs, you can be assured that Umed will help you attain your goals. He is very committed caring and helpful individual who prides himself on providing everyone with same level of service he would provide to his own family. Given the opportunity you can expect nothing but the best from Umed. Contact him today, you'll be glad you did.