KR Business Brokers’ History

Kirk and Randi

KR Business Brokers was founded by Kirk and Randi Edwards in 1984 and rapidly became the leading small to medium-sized business broker in the Greater Seattle area. Kirk and Randi earned the well-deserved reputation of being focused on successful transactions, on solving obstacles to the sale through innovation and personal experience as business owners, and on being approachable, accountable, and professional. KR Business Brokers has been successful in all economic environments and has weathered all challenges together with its customers. The ability to prosper in any kind of environment has been due to KR’s focus on overcoming obstacles with the goal of helping sellers and buyers. This determination has proven successful again during the recent Corona challenge. KR Business Brokers had excellent years both in 2020 and 2021.

KR Business Brokers has had offices in downtown Seattle, Bellevue, Redmond, and is currently located in Everett. From this office KR Business Brokers supports clients in the entire Pacific Northwest. Changes in location are testimony to KR Business Brokers adapting to changed environments. With more and more customer interactions moving from face-to-face to digital communication, the office requirements have changed. KR’s owned location in Everett serves this environment well.

Beside changes in location, KR Business Brokers weathered other challenges. After Kirk Edwards untimely death at the end of 2017, Randi Edwards became the sole owner of KR Business Brokers and successfully continued the tradition. Randi has an excellent reputation in the local business broker community and is getting many referrals from other business brokerage firms due to her unique ability to successfully market smaller businesses. Randi passionately services this niche and makes professional brokerage services available to businesses that would otherwise not have the benefit of brokerage services.

Randi Edwards has also been successful in putting together a dedicated team of experienced former or current business owners that are now providing business brokerage services for KR customers. Until May 2020 she was supported by Rob Mundie as the designated broker. After his retirement, Randi recruited Markus Mueller, Ph.D, MBA, who is now the designated broker and also an active managing broker. Together, Randi and Markus are committed to building on KR’s successes.